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Business Philosophy

Collaboration as the best winning strategy.

We all need to have a focus and extend our competence based on it. Such as in a company, we need everyone to work together to survive and succeed in such a tough environment. AS well as in a supply chains. The best winning strategy is to form a competitive alliance of companies. Each one provides his/her specific value to make the whole group having an unique competitiveness. We zero in on our core competences providing dynamic and seamless services in specialized power electronics applications. We act as close as possible with our partners. We proactively provide value-added solutions and services to strengthen and extend their competitiveness and market position. This is how CTC works.

CTC will be your best partner

CTC is a professional service provider for high-end power modules since 1987.

We focus on designing and delivering solutions with leading technologies, high cost efficiency, extremely dynamic lead-time and global technical service. Our mission is to be the best partner and supporter for our customers to win on the market.



CTC keeps proactive on implementing quality system, developing leading technology and corporate social responsibility

  • 2017

    Refine Corporation Identification System

  • 2016

    Achieve IRIS Certificate (International Railway Industry Standard)

  • 2015

    ANSI/ESD 2020 approved,

    15W 1” x 1” 75"°C ambient temp 100% load


For being the tier one power converter provider, CTC constantly urge ourselves to reach the level of international standards.

For being the tier one power converter provider, CTC constantly urge ourselves to reach the level of international standards. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, ANSI/ESD 2020 and IRIS certificates are received in succession.
In the near future, we are planning to apply for ISO13485 and AS9000 meet industry-wide requirements.


CTC lays emphasis on product quality and reliability, the factory operated under strict management.


Corporate Social Responsibility

CTC holds the spirit of contributing to the conmmunity,we donate and attends the events of charitable organization every year.

CTC holds the spirit of contributing to the community, we donate and attens the events of charitable organizations every year, our staff are all actively involved in the activity.

Moreover, we invite disable people to put on a show and join the year-end party with us every year.

In the future, CTC will participate in more and more charitable activities and contribute to the society as good as we can.


CTC is certificated by TUV NORD SA8000 in June, 2014, SA8000 allows companies which owns manufacturing to take social responsibilities. These are based on national laws, the human rights, conventions of the United Nations and labor standards of the ILO (International Labor Organization).

Its major objective is to ensure application of ethical practices in hiring and treatment of employees and in production of goods and services. To evaluate and improve workplace conditions, CTC commits to respect human rights, respect worker right, protect against child labor and guarantee safety and healthy workplace, make organizations respects working hours and wage system.

SA8000 is a management system standard that encourages organizations to develop, maintain, and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace.

Associate Members

CTC goes in for participating in domestic and international associations,
we are open-minded to know the market trend and latest technology,
communicate with people from different companies, different industries and different fields.